Uganda, the Pearl of Africa

Uganda, gorillatrek
Uganda, young gorilla, gorillatrek
Uganda, monitor-lizard
Uganda, chimpanzee, gorillatrek
Uganda, monkey
Kibale Forest National Park, Uganda, chimpanzees, gorillatrek

Uganda’s nick name, the Pearl of Africa, was made popular by Winston Churchill in his book entitled My African Journey. The Lonely Planet also selected Uganda as the tourist attraction country in 2012.  Located in East Africa, Uganda is indeed the best kept secret. It boasts an abundance of wildlife that includes an impressive diversity of mammals and birds. Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your trip. Then you have Lake Victoria, cultural villages along with historic sites to further explore. Hospitality abound, you’ll enjoy the people, culture, food, and adventure. 

Uganda, waterbuck
Uganda, basketweavers
Uganda, butterflies
Uganda, baskets
Uganda, equator
Uganda, cow

Photo credits: Mike Sobolewski

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